Dota 2 The International 4: Goblin Techies Makes His Way to Dota 2!

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The Dota 2 The International 4 has dropped another bombshell during its prestigious tournament, this time with the arrival of one of the most anticipated heroes in Dota 2. Goblin Techies has just made its first debut in Dota 2! The debut came from the All Star match no less so everyone was wide eyed when the hero got picked. It?s so new that the official website doesn?t even have the hero listing yet!

The Goblin Techies is one of the last remaining heroes from the original Dota game that haven?t transitioned to the sequel until now. Techies is one of those heroes you love to hate and can be such a big pain to go up against as the gameplay design of Techies can annoy the heck out of people and countering the hero means going out of your usual way of playing by buying sentry wards or a gem of truesight and this gameplay isn?t that popular in pub games.

Valve first teased gamers for Techies with a special taunt for the said hero as a stretch goal for The International?s fund raising campaign. The stretch goal was, of course, quite easily reached and players had it in mind that they would be getting the hero sooner or later. The surprise was when it was revealed in the tournament itself and during the All Star event which fans didn?t see coming at all. In the All Star game, it was Arteezy of Evil Geniuses that used the hero with mines and explosions all around.

Goblin Techies doesn?t have much of a direct combat ability but instead uses an unorthodox way of fighting by planting explosive mines or traps that help setup hero kills and hurt enemies when they least expect it. Aside from the mines and traps, Techies also has a suicide attack skill that lets it violently explode and die but deals massive damage at the early portions of the game in a moderate area of effect.

When the hero gets released in the game officially, pub games will never be the same again. Expect explosions and mines going off left, right and center everywhere.

Photo Source: Dota 2 gamepedia

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