Dota 2 The International 4: Could DK’s Poor Performance Be Because of Health Problems?

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The Dota 2 The International 4 Playoffs is in full swing and this time we shed some light on DK?s poor start in the tournament. Well it?s not actually THAT poor of a start. It?s mainly because DK is such a highly respected team and with that comes a ton of expectations. People think that they?d be able to blaze through ?phase 2 without many problems. For now, they are currently sitting at 2-3. Phase 2 is currently in a round robin format and points are accumulated for every match won. With 2 wins, DK stands at 2 points.

It has been mentioned by Matthew Bailey AKA Cyborgmatt that there are problems with the DK team. He stated: ?DK game has been delayed. A member of the team is currently receiving medical attn. Newbee is going to play TeamLiquid now instead of later.?

The person who is currently having medical issues is DK?s support player Zhang ?LaNm? Zhicheng. According to DK?s Weibo page, LaNm has been suffering from some sort of discomfort in his body. He is currently being checked and will receive medical care if necessary. Should everything go according to plan, DK should be able to return to the tournament very soon.


The latest update from the Dota 2 studio reads: ?A quick update on LaNm and DK. He wants everyone to know he is back and healthy. We will be starting the DK game shortly.?

DK has been one of the top teams expected to have one of the biggest chances to win it all this year. After importing their mid player Mushi to the team, they have been such a big force to go up against that at times, they have seemed to be downright invincible. Hopefully LaNm makes a full recovery and it doesn?t hinder their tournament aspirations. The last thing everyone wants is to have someone get sidelined due to health issues.

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