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DOTA 2 Shanghai Major: The Messiest DOTA Event Ever?

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The latest Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA) 2 Shanghai Major has come to an end. But, a few hours after the announcement of the winning team, players were shocked to find out that some of their gears have gone missing.

After the day of the championship, players from all teams woke up the next morning in dismay after seeing that their practice rooms have been cleared out. These rooms were where the gears of each team were kept and it includes earphones, laptops and keyboards. There were also car keys that have been reported missing after the teams have checked their valuables.

All the gears are speculated to have been vacated by the organizational staff, without any prior notice, as reported by Kotaku. Either that or the players also think that their things might have been stolen by someone or a group of people. The incident is currently being investigated.

The incident has prompted Team Secret to release a series of reactions:

Aside from the photo that the team posted on their official Twitter account, they also shared some details about what was happening in the hotel. ?We?re currently trying to locate a bunch of our gear. We just saved 1437?s laptop charger which was bundled in a box with 100s of cables,? Team Secret wrote. ?Teams are shouting at the staff here as the majority of everyone?s gear has been either packed away, lost, or stolen,? the team added in a separate tweet.

The Marriott Hotel, which hosted all the players, have already released an official statement about the issue. They apologized to all the people who are affected and promised to resolve the incident as soon as possible. The management also encouraged all the teams to make a list of the things they lost and its costs so they will get paid for their losses.

Apparently, the hotel had hired a third party to clean the rooms and did not consult Perfect World, host of the Shanghai Major together with Valve. So, if this is a case of robbery, that particular third party would be the main suspect.

In line with this, Valve said that for the following major tournaments, they will be more hands-on in handling these events to ensure a high quality experience, and maybe to avoid problems like this from happening again.

DOTA 2 Shanghai Major started its open qualifiers back in January and last March 6, Team Secret bagged the championship as they have defeated Team Liquid in a 3-1 series scoring. They will take home a whopping $1.1 million.

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