Dota 2 Player Gets Robbed While Doing A Gameplay Stream

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A Dota 2 player in Tempe, Arizona got robbed while doing a stream on Twitch. There were glimpses of the perpetrator in the webcam?s screen and it didn?t take long for other players to figure out that a robbery was in progress.

The events were instantaneously viral because it was a live stream, but unfortunately, not much has been done to prevent the actual robbery from taking place. In the video, it showed the Dota 2 player , Nikki Elise (under the name of Sajedene) doing the usual Dota 2 stuff, streaming her game, until somebody knocked on the door and she went to investigate. It took more than a minute before somebody came back on the webcam?s frame, and it was not the player, but the perpetrator ?himself, holding a gun and ransacking the place.

Fortunately enough, Elise, or anybody from her home was unharmed.

Some people thought that this was just a staged act from the Dota 2 player, but local news from Tempe, Arizona have confirmed that the robbery did take place. The local police have already apprehended two suspects, but the other two are still on the run.

The woman is well-known among Dota 2 players and had her Web camera on as part of the game.

“At that point gamers from around the world were watching the home invasion occur while trying to contact the corresponding law enforcement agency,” he said.

While the gamers who were online with the victim saw what was happening, they did not know where it was happening.

It was a friend of the victim who called police and sent them to the woman’s home.

Officers took him into custody after a short foot chase. The second suspect is still on the loose. Police set up a large perimeter and brought in air support for their manhunt.?? –

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