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?DotA 2? International Champions: Evil Geniuses From US Now $6.6 Million Richer, China A Close Second

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To be crowned as the best DotA players in the world is a dream come true for ?Evil Geniuses? as they won the most coveted title of The International Dota 2 Champions. The grand champions of the event came home with an astonishing $6.6 million grand prize along with one year bragging rights of being the best in the world of DotA gaming.

Evil Geniuses

It will be a long time before anybody ever forgets the names of the winners of The International Dota 2 Tournament. The championship team members comprised of ppd, Suma1L, UNiVeRsE, Fear, and Aui_2000. Through the adversity of losing two talented players in the ?Great Western Shuffle? of 2014, they found a silver lining with a new superstar nicknamed Suma1L, according to SB Nation. ?The 16-year-old from Pakistan moved to the USA to chase his dream of playing professional DotA, and found a home with ?Evil Geniuses? and under the wing of veteran Fear,? James Dator added in his post. And to top it off, ?Evil Geniuses? was the only North American team to reach the top three in the DotA 2 championships, posted by Ars Technica.

CDEC Gaming

The other competitor for the title of champion didn?t go away without a fight. CDEC Gaming of China gave it their best in reaching their way to the finals. A team that apparently no one expected to go to a championship bout, CDEC Gaming took their chances from a Wild Card slot, carved their way through the Upper Bracket, and gave outstanding matches to every single team they beat, shared by SB Nation. And thought they didn?t win the title, they still won a staggering $2.8 million.

Well-earned congratulations are in order for every team who fought at The International Dota 2 Tournament. We are all grateful for the exciting matches you gave us and we hope to see everyone do better at the next tournament.

Here are the final standings from Rockpapershotgun.com:

1st place: Evil Geniuses ($6,616,014)

2nd place: CDEC ($2,848,562)

3rd place: LGD Gaming ($2,205,338)

4th place: Vici Gaming ($1,562,114)

5th ? 6th place: EHOME, Virtus.Pro ($1194,558)

7th ? 8th place: MVP Phoenix, Team Secret ($827,002)

9th ? 12th place: Team Empire, Cloud9, complexity Gaming, Invictus Gaming ($220,534)

13th– 16th place: Newbee, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, MVP Hot6ix ($55,133)

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