DOTA 2 International Battle Pass: What You Need To Know

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DOTA 2?s premier world tournament, The International, is happening on August 8-13 and fans are once again encouraged to buy the DOTA 2 Battle Pass.

Similar to previous The International Compendium last 2015, players who avail of the Battle Pass will be able to snag unique in-game cosmetics if they level up their Battle Passes. Here?s the link to their official site showing the new items and systems included in the Battle Pass.

Like the previous 2015 The International Compendium, fans can once again affect the prize pool of the upcoming world tournament by collectively buying Battle Passes. Some 25 percent of every Battle Pass sales will go directly into the prize pool of The International. According to Eurogamer, 2015?s The International managed an $18 million prize pool and that’s larger than the 2014 The International prize pool. The 2015 DOTA 2 world tournament also?currently hold the record of having the largest prize pool??to have ever been awarded to players in an eSports tournament. Technically, the champions didn?t take all the $18 million but was divided into rightful portions according to placings in the tournament.

More than the prize pools, players will be able to earn some of the new cosmetic sets for the heroes in Dota 2 if they buy a Battle Pass. Players will also have to level up their Battle Passes through points that can only be earned through sports betting systems such as pre-match betting. Players will bet on their own team and must win that match to grow the points they betted or lose it completely if they lose.

Direct item rewards, reward quests and Rylai?s Battle Blessing spins will be rewarded to the player as they progress in leveling up their Battle Pass. This gives matches during the event proper more worth as there are something at stake.

Lastly, the Battle Pass can also predict the bracket conclusions in the upcoming The International ?2016 and they?ll be rewarded for each correct prediction they make. More than just a good fight to enjoy, DOTA 2 spices it up with rewards for knowledgeable, avid fans of the game or players who are extremely lucky with odds.

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