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Dota 2 Commentator Gets Humiliated by Son of China?s Richest Man for Bad Commentary

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There?s a story circulating in the Chinese Dota 2 community right now involving a girl Dota 2 commentator and the son of China?s richest man. This news may sound hilarious to you, but this actually caused some ruckus in the Dota 2 community in China.

The commentator who goes by the nick of Mik is in Seattle right now providing Chinese commentary for The International Dota 2 Championship. Like any eSports broadcast, it?s normal for viewers to comment whatever they want on the stream and broadcasters would usually ignore them completely. But not if you?re the son of Wang Jianlin, China?s richest man.

Meet Wang Sicong. He is just your average Dota 2 fan in China and he loves watching competitive Dota, especially The International. He was watching the Chinese broadcast and it seems he got pissed at the commentators for not providing intellectual analysis of the game. He then posted this on his Weibo account (Weibo is a popular social networking site in China):


The commentary from these two is the worst in history. There is a complete lack of any game analysis or match information. It?s just Mik flirting and rattling on about foolish nonsense. Do you think we stay up late at night to listen to you and your boyfriend chat? Please have some respect for eSports, for the players, as well as for those who stay up late at night to watch the matches. I have no idea how people like this were even invited to Seattle.

Gamers in China take eSports seriously and Wang Sicong is no exception. According to sources, the commentary has already been criticized by their viewers for lacking useful information. And when it comes to the biggest Dota 2 event of year, viewers want to hear useful information related to the game and not just nonsense chitchat from the broadcasters. But Mik was adamant to her commentary style it seems.


Our commentary style is how it is. We?re not going to change because of some spoiled rich kid. If you don?t like it, just mute us, or switch commentary. I will give myself some self-criticism and provide even better commentary to everyone.

That?s the typical and proper response from a broadcaster to any criticism you may say. But the story doesn?t end there, as Mik took off her headset and said to her fellow caster (in Chinese): ?is that Wang Sicong guy retarded or what??

What she didn?t realize is that she forgot to turn off her microphone and everyone tuned in on the stream heard it. And that includes Wang Sicong himself.

A few moments later, he responds in Weibo:


And you?re going to badmouth me on a live broadcast. Who the f*** are you trying to impress? I won?t say any more about the fact that you don?t understand?Dota 2, but to display your lack of intelligence and manners on a live stream, stop losing face for China.

Okay, that?s definitely a big screw up. Nobody wants to be in the eyes of China?s richest family, as Mik should probably know. We can expect an apology from Mik and her company soon, hopefully before the news reaches Wang Sicong?s father. After all, who knows what he can do being the wealthiest man in China.


Wang Sicong

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