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DOTA 2 7.00 Patch Notes, Release Date, Time, Update Size: The Best Things You Need To Know

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Gamers across the globe are pumped up after DOTA 2 Patch 7.00 arrived earlier this week. Aside from bringing the newest hero in the game, here are the other details you need to know about the update.

The first thing gamers anticipated from the patch is Monkey King, the latest playable character in the game. Developers first teased the release of the hero in August, and finally, he was released through the latest patch. But, aside from the hero, there are several notable goodies included in the update.

Roshan, for example, is now on the top side of the river. It will make it more accessible to the Dire side, unlike in the previous maps where the beast is located on the lower side of the river. Also, players can now use Aghanim?s Scepter (AGS) on new heroes. Riki, Slark, Sniper, Phantom Lancer, Chaos Knight, Anti-Mage and Bounty Hunter are the heroes whose abilities can be upgraded by the scepter.

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For Riki, once equipped with the AGS, his Ultimate Ability (Ult) will turn similar to LifeStealer?s Infest skill. It will allow Riki to choose a target within his Ult and hide inside them. This will help him escape enemies after casting his Ult. AGS on Slark, on the other hand, will reduce his Ult?s cooldown. Also, allies can now hide underneath his Ult?s cloud, which will make them immune to Sentry wards.

Now, DOTA 2 Patch 7.00 will make the AGS applicable to Sniper as well, which will make his Assassinate skill more powerful. It can now hit enemies in an area with a 2.8 critical strike chance. This will help him in dealing with more enemies during clashes, unlike in past versions where he can only Assassinate one enemy at a time.

Meanwhile, for Phantom Lancer, he will have a Spirit Lance ability that can bounce on enemies up to five times. Chaos Knight with the AGS will reduce his abilities? cooldowns and Phantoms can now be used on allies.

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Gamers can also now equip Anti-Mage with the AGS. It will make his Spell Shield passively block and reflect spells for every 12 seconds, which is obviously like a built-in Lotus Orb and Linken?s Sphere. Lastly, we have Bounty Hunter. Once players equipped him with the AGS, his Shuriken Toss will now bounce on all enemies twice. It is similar to Luna?s passive skill Moon Glaive.

Aside from new heroes that can be equipped with the AGS, there are several upgrades as well using the AGS on some characters. According to News Everyday, Zeus will now have a new skill called Nimbus once equipped with the scepter. It will form a storm cloud that will chase enemies with lightning bolts for a few seconds.

The news portal also noted that Crystal Maiden (CM) with the AGS also has an upgrade. Once she casts her Ult, enemies who will stand under it for 2.5 seconds will automatically be encase with Frost Bite. Through this, it will limit foes? movements during clashes which will serve as an advantage for CM?s team.

There you have it! Some of the key details you need to know about DOTA 2 Patch 7.00. These changes clearly make the game more balanced and interesting. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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