Doraemon Movie: Live-Action Film Stars A Grown Nobita And A Real-Life Cat

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Originally,?Doraemon?s roots trace back to the creator Fujiko Fujio?s manga that had its debut in Japan. So everyone would think that if its origin was from Japan, then it would be fitting enough for a?Doraemon Movie to be made and produced by a Japanese corporation. To our surprise, China had a live-actionfilm?planned all along.

According to a report from Orzzz, China is making a live-action Doraemon film. The movie poster shows the cast, including Nobita and the gang, all grown up but still wearing their traditional outfits. But what struck us most is the re-imagined Doraemon.

Instead of being the lovable, smart and funny blue cat robot that we all know and love, Doraemon is a real-life grey and white colored cat that wears the same red collar with a golden bell on (but the collar looks like it was knitted instead). Aside from this, there would probably be more alterations from the original Doraemon version.

The Chinese title for the Doraemon movie is ?B?i tu? la xi?o d?ngd?ng,? and it will be based on the original manga by Fujiko Fujio. But as the posters show, there would definitely be more revisions and re-inventions in store for this movie.

The story is probably about Nobita and his friends. Now they are all grown up, but they could still be up to their usual antics and adventures. Along with their alien friend who is now a realistic cat, more surprises await them along their journey.

Of course, with the making of the Doraemon movie now more socially exposed, Japan, along with their Doraemon fans, have mixed emotions with the said movie. Well, who could blame them? You would expect that the creator of Japanese manga and anime hit would follow through and make a Japanese movie.

Regardless of who made the Doraemon movie, it would still be an interesting thing to watch, especially now that we could see how Nobita and the others are doing as they grow up.

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