Doom Release: Launch Trailer Confirms Strong Plot For Bethesda’s Reboot?

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Doom Release

Bethesda?s Doom release is approaching, as the developer has just revealed an official launch trailer that looks very similar to the one leaked a few days ago. The Doom reboot has been in development for almost a decade, and now it is coming with more survival-horror action. The Doom reboot trailer suggests that the game is going back to its action-packed roots, featuring some of the most brutal showcase of killing monsters.

The latest Doom trailer released by Bethesda may not give you goosebumps as it doesn?t capture all the horrific moments of the old games, but the demon-killing scenes are enough to make you watch the video several times. The action scenes seem to have been inspired by other space-action games, and the game could have a strong plot as the trailer shows that this might not be just another run-and-gun game with a shoehorned plot

Apart from slicing demons, it seems that players will be exploring a completely different, unexpected story in the reboot. In the beginning of the video, the protagonist is restrained, at an unknown place. A robot appears in the clip saying, “You’ve returned.” Just after this scene, the protagonist, who is known as the ?Doomguy?, is presented with his armor and weapons. There is nothing more to tell about the game?s story at the moment as the developer has not revealed a lot in the video.

The video also features references to the original classic games as well as lots of violence. The armor shown in the video looks very similar to the old ones, which our classic Doomguy used to wear in the 1990s games.

Bethesda has confirmed that the Doom release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC will be on May 13. The game will have single player and online modes.

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