Doom : Next Installment Of Doom Franchise Trailer Unveiled

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A few days ago, at QuakeCon, Id Software finally displayed the gameplay of its extremely popular Doom franchise. While the title is simply Doom, there’s nothing regular or simple about it. News about the latest instalment was revealed at E3 just last June.

Fans and players have long been waiting for the game, ever since its development was first shared at the 2007 QuakeCon. Even if recording was definitely a no-no during the event, a lot of details about the upcoming Doom was given during the gameplay demo, which lasted for 20 minutes. Some of the highlights included the following:

  • Extremely fast-paced combat with a bunch of enemies, simultaneously
  • Set in Mars, particularly outside of a humongous UAC research facility
  • Classic monsters including hellknights, revenants, cyberdemons, and mancubii among many others were seen during the demo
  • Classic weapons, such as the double-barrell shotgun will return, plus the plasma rifle, chainsaw, and rocket launcher
  • Players need to go fast here, there?s no chance they will survive if they just go for cover
  • The instalment will be powered by IdTech 6
  • The game will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One
  • Resolution is a “committed” 1080P, at 60 fps
  • Revenants now feature jetpacks and they can hover while trying to kill you with rockets
  • Several actions which will make motion much more fluid while at combat are now available, including sprinting, mantling, and double-jumping
  • Enemies now have the skills to teleport and ambush you
  • When you die, you will have the chance to see an insane scene ? your arms will be ripped off by revenants and they will punch a hole straight through your helmet

All in all, the overall mechanics of Doom can only be aptly described as old-school. Reloading the clip, holding an unlimited number of weapons, health power-ups, and ammunition are not part of the game. Last, but not the least, health cannot be regenerated here.

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