Doom Gets a Second Chance

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With all the hype that is going on about Doom?s upcoming return, some gamers and Bethesda are not very sure if the ?once incredibly famous game? can still top the recent games that we have today.

Doom is a 1993 science fiction, horror-themed, first-person shooter game that was created by ID Software and was published by Activision. Doom?s fame was off the roof as it was considered as the most influential and most significant title in the video game industry. It is said that the game itself ushered the first-person genre to the popularity that it has today.

Everyone knows the name ?Doomguy? although the character that they assume it belongs to, in the game doesn’t really have a name. But despite that popularity, it took more than 10 years for them to add another installment to their franchise.

There?s a new Doom Resurrection that is being cooked up right now and expected to be out later this month.? But according to Bethesda?s Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines:

?We view that similarly to Wolfenstein, because it?s been so long since the last Doom game. We are going in as if we need to prove ourselves all over again. We have no free passes. Nobody will assume this is going to be awesome.?

The Doom series took a break for a very long time and most of the gamers do not pay attention to them anymore. Chances are, players today never knew how awesome Doom gamers were before or they are way too young to even remember.

?We are going to have to prove that this is something that?s going to be fun and different that you need to pay attention to. That has to be our default position, we can?t be: ?It?s Doom. Of course you?re going to play it.? But that just makes us work harder.? He added.


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