Doom Creator Says PC is Dominating Consoles

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John Romero has been around for quite some time, but what really made him an icon was his work for the Doom and Wolfenstein series of games, back when he was still working for id Software. So it pays to listen to him when he speaks, just like recently, when he said that PCs were solidly spanking gaming consoles in the electronic butt. However, the largest reason isn?t because PC games have better graphics or gameplay or anything else; it?s because PC games are often less expensive (at times, free) and ?the platform, more open than most consoles are.

According to Romero, free-to-play games and Steam games that cost just around five bucks are PC?s biggest draws. And this is just through price. He also said that PC was responsible for putting a lot of AAA studios out of business, based on this alone, and may be the reason why some studios release PC versions of their games.

He points out the shareware system done in Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake as an example. Back then, these games were handed out free-to-play (shareware) and these games were given free of charge. His premise was why pay for a game you don?t like? The first episode of the game was given free. If the player liked it enough, then he could pay for the entire game. The design on the first episode was the same as the entire game, so in a way, fair play was given to the players. Putting those games on shareware was revolutionary, since before shareware, games didn?t have demos and CD-ROM was just beginning to be used as a medium.
However, free-to-play games have always been criticized for what they bring design-wise. Games like these, though, are getting developed even better now, thanks to developers learning from mistakes. They?ve started to master the system so that it all becomes fair to the player buying or getting this game as a freeware.

Romero further explains that he believes the day will come when every free-to-play game will be welcomed with open arms. He calls the way they?ve designed free-to-play as ?freemium?, where games are designed with quality in mind, and the day will come when people will want the standard of free-to-play that they are creating. Game designers are trying to come up with ways to make people want to pay money for the game, not force people to pay money for a game that?s half-heartedly designed.

Another element he cites as a reason for PC?s go-ahead over gaming consoles is because of the ?closed? nature of consoles, most notably the two dominating consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One.

By ?closed? nature, Romero meant that these consoles take a long time (a year or more) to come full circle. With PCs, evolution is constant, and best of all, there is backward compatibility. Say, you have a modern PC and you wanted to play a game from the 80?s or 90?s, you probably can. If you wanted a faster PC or wanted to play a next-gen game, all you have to do is modify your system, upgrade with a few components like graphic cards or memory, and you?re set. Your PC will probably even have a set-up to rival even the systems of PS4 or Xbox One.

As for what is the latest news with Doom, the game is set to come out on the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC. No details for the exact date has been set just yet.

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