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DOOM 2016 Soundtrack: Music ‘Should Sit Up Front And Center’, Says Game’s Composer

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Music is one of the reasons why games become more appealing to players. This is also the mindset of DOOM 2016 composer Mick Gordon, who recently shared his insights about the title?s soundtracks.

After Noclip interviewed series creator Danny O?Dwyer in December, an extended cut of their conversation was posted online. Alongside O?Dwyer is Gordon who talked about how powerful soundtracks can be in a game. Also, he even mentioned how creators should work closely with composers like him to stay on the same page.

Gordon told Noclip that video games have come a long way in the past 20 years. However, what seems to be the problem is that developers pushed music back to the background. As a result, Gordon wanted to change this trend.

?Something I try to do in a lot of my work is bring the music more up front, [to] get people to remember [and] enjoy video game music again,? Gordon said. This statement would summarize his efforts in taking the music of DOOM 2016 to another level.

Furthermore, Gordon also believes that ?the music should really sit up front and center.? He also added that every gamer should be aware of the music because it would play that ?sort of emotional payoff role.? Music can also be the reward for doing well and a form of a motivator, says Gordon. ?It tells them that yes, you are ok. You are doing well,? he added.

These insights from composer Gordon clearly tell how important good music is in every video game. This is also the reason behind the great music of DOOM 2016. Hopefully, all gamers would appreciate his efforts. All tracks are available on iTunes and Spotify.

How about you? Do you share the same sentiments with Gordon? Or are you one of those who think that music is intended for background only? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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