Don’t Want Those Standalone eBook Readers? Here Are Some of The Best iOS Apps For Reading eBooks

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Attention bookworms! Here are some of the best eBook readers apps for your iOS devices

They always say, ?Give a man a book, and he?ll never be alone.? Well, perhaps there?s some truth to that saying as books can really captivate people and take them to other worlds they?ve never been before.

Since we are in the digital age, books have undergone drastic changes too. The arrival of of the eBook has changed the way people read; they can now “carry” hundreds of books in their pocket. This is possible with devices called eBook readers. But for most people, carrying eBook readers is another burden because they also need to bring their smartphones and tablets with them. For iOS device owners who don?t want the added baggage, here are some of the best iOS eBook reader apps to download.


This is the default eBook reader app by Apple. It has a nice and very intuitive interface where books are neatly arranged in a wooden bookshelf. Users can download eBooks directly within the app. iBooks boasts of various reading views, customizable fonts, highlighting, colors, among other options. It also tells readers how many pages are left in the chapter.


Though not as popular in the U.S., Kobo is well-received by eBook reader fans in France and Canada. Aside from a friendly-looking interface, this iOS eBook reader app has customization options that focus on ?social? reading. Users can see other their friends? highlights and notes about the books they?ve read. With a single tap on the pulsating button at the bottom portion of the screen, users can view the latest buzz about the book they are currently reading. Awards and games are also provided after reading a certain number of eBooks.


The Kindle app is Amazon?s own multi-platform, eBook reader powerhouse. It is one of the most downloaded iOS eBook reader apps which boasts of Amazon?s massive library of available titles. The app supports various formats including MOBI, PDF, TXT, AWZ, ePUB and lots of others. Reading views can be customized and allow you to adjust brightness, font size, font color, and background.


Google Play Books

It?s obvious that Google needs to have its own entry to just about every technology niche in the world ? and the eBook reader turf is not spared. Their ?Google Play Books? has all the typical features of an iOS eBook reader. Users have the option to display the author and the book?s title at the top of the page, and the slider and page number at the bottom. They will also have the option to page animation on or off. Perhaps what sets it apart from most eBook readers is its instant translation feature. In just two taps, users can translate a text to any language supported by the app.


Unsurprisingly, one of the largest book retailers in the world, Barnes & Nobles, also has their own entry into the eBook reader field. Their Nook app is a pretty strong candidate in this category. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. If users are not interacting with a page, just the name of the author and the title will appear on top, giving it a bookish feel. Nook has six font choices as well six book themes. It provides support for cross-platform and cross-device syncing via a Nook account so users can save their notes, including the last page they?ve read, in different devices.


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