Don’t Starve Yourself With Your Favorite Games! GOG Summer Sale Offers Huge Discounts, Free Games and Giveaways

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GOG has kicked of its 2014 Summer Sale and it will run until June 30, 2014. With more than 750 games reduced up to 90 percent off, everyday would be a special day of phenomenal Flash sales, fantastic gaming delight and Special Bundle Deals.

Furthermore, GOG seeks more attention with its four give away games, all FREE.?As per GOG, four games will pop up, one after every three hours at an undisclosed time.

The ?24 Hour Adrenaline Rush Sale? gives you a full day of DRM-free Flash Sales where games are sold at ?reasonable discounts for a short period of time. So, you really have to act fast!

GOG started it by doling out Omerta: City of Criminals, an isometric “hoodlum strategy game” distributed a year ago.

There are new daily bundles and new offers every hour that you can check. And on top of it, the site is giving out vouchers on Twitter and Facebook.

GOG’s deal features intensely reduced games like Postal 2 Complete for 4.99, Alone In the dark 1+2+3 for $2.99, Witcher 2: The Enhanced Edition for $4.99, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura for $2.99 and Witcher 2: The Assassins of Kings for $9.99. The new game Age of Wonders 3 Deluxe Edition is now $29.99, available only for a couple of hours.

Today’s daily deal bundles are extraordinary, wherein you can get The Bullfrog Classics pack; this includes Dungeon Keeper Gold, Dungeon Keeper 2, Populous games, Syndicate War games, Magic Carpet games and more for only $9.79.

All games offered by GOG are DRM-free which means they are not tied to any user, and you can utilize them on any computer.

Access GOG now to get all the details you needed and take part in these amazing offers presented to you. There’s also ?a helpful review of all coming deals.

GOG is fully loaded with excellent and non mainstream titles, so it?s really worth checking even if Steam has provided you a Summer Sale fatigue.

Is the assurance of DRM-free games enough to attract you to the GOG deal? Or will you opt to stick with the Steam Summer Deal?

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