Don?t Starve: Reign of Giants Coming to PS4 Next Week

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Developer Klei Entertainment has just announced the release of Don?t Starve: Reign of Giants, the first expansion to their cartoonish indie Action-Adventure game Don?t Starve. The expansion pack will be launching on the PlayStation 4 on July 22 in North America and July 23 in Europe.

Reign of Giants will feature two new characters; a stage actress named Wigfrid and a young boy called Webber who ?lives inside the spider who tried to eat him long ago.? The expansion also offers a full year of seasons filled with rain fall and summer heat. There will also be new biomes that are full of new creatures and items. Aside from the added content, players will also get an extra save slot for their journey.

Meanwhile, all other players who own the game will also be getting a new patch which will include the following (available for all Don?t Starve players):

  • Added Snow Chester and Shadow Chester
  • New in-game text strings & dialogue
  • Option to disable Screen Shake.
  • Expanded options for World Generation.
  • New ability to save custom pre-sets in World Generation screen
  • Random character select option when starting a new game.

The expansion Reign of Giants will be a standalone game and can be purchased and downloaded at Steam and Klei?s Humble Store for $4.99 (or roughly ?3.00). PlayStation Plus subscribers are also entitled to a 10 percent discount upon purchase.

Don?t Starve was first released on the PC and Mac in April 2013 via the Steam Store and the PlayStation 4 launch followed almost a year after in January 2014. The game also has an ongoing alpha testing version called Don?t Starve Together which is basically a multiplayer mode of the game. It was released last May and so far no word about its official launch has been made.

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