Don’t Have Time for Twitter? You Only Need 10 Minutes.

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The number one complaint that you will hear from businessmen is they do not have time for social media. They do not realize that social media does not really take too much time, especially Twitter. This particular social networking app or website only takes ten minutes to browse as long as you focus on these two tools: Hootsuit and Twitter Lists.

Step 1: Customize Your Hootsuite Account

Hootsuite is just one of those free social media dashboards that you can use. Once you have linked your Twitter account to this tool, you can customize your browsing experience by adding streams, tabs and social networks.

Step 2: Access Your Twitter Account and Create Lists

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Visit and check your settings by clicking Lists, then Create List. You can organize your list according to how you wish to see it, whether by user, topic, hashtag and more. You can also create a separate list where all the important people in your life can be accessed.

Step 3: Link Your Twitter Lists to Your Hootsuite

Click the black plus sign on your Hootsuite dashboard to create a new tab. You may label it as Important since it serves as your second stop in your new routine. You can add a list by clicking Add Stream and then Lists. From there, you can choose your preferred streams, including the separate list of your important peers on your Twitter feed. You can fit in four streams per tab, but it can accommodate up to 10.

Step 4: Add Hashtag Streams on Your Hootsuite Tab

Create a Hashtags tab on your Hootsuite and fill it with the important hashtags you follow. Under Add a Steam, look for the hashtag that are relevant to your preferences, such as your business or your brand. You can also add hashtag streams on your themed tabs, too.

Step 5: How to Begin Your 10 ? minute ? a ? day Routine

Access your Hootsuite account and view the first tab that includes tweets or mentions you have received. The next step is to check the separate tab where the posts of important people in your life can be viewed. You last step is the hashtag tab and see how things have been going along in your industry or field.

Easy isn?t it? You can even do this while you wait for your next meeting. Go on, give it a shot.

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