Don’t be a victim: How to Avoid Scams on Craigslist

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Reverse Image Search
Reverse Image Search

Let?s all admit it, if there?s anything craigslist is known for, it would be none other than scams. However, craigslist is a very good site for quickly finding stuff like apartments, gadgets, services and even jobs that it?s so hard to resist to look at it. You hardly get scammed for services and things like jobs and professionals who visit your place, but for things to buy or even apartments and lodging places, you should think twice.

This does not mean that you shouldn?t consider craigslist anymore, but there are ways that you can do in order to prevent yourself from? being scammed, especially the worst type which is the ones who asks for security deposits in whopping amounts. This is a usual case with apartments and lodging or vacation places.

One effective way to tell that a scam is about to happen is by checking the image of the advert. Let?s say that you?ve found one nice looking house in a suburban place just near where your destination is. With $900 a month being too good to be true, some people still fall for this old trick from the book. Some of those ads might even say that they are ?away? or ?out of town? for the moment, so that somebody else would take care of everything once you crash the place.

To confirm if these things are scams, you can try using the ?Reverse Image Search? on Google. Doing this is pretty simple. Just go to and drag the picture of the ad on the search box (you can save the image from craigslist to your computer). An easier method is browsing the craigslist ad in Google Chrome and right-clicking the image and selecting ?Search Google for this image?.

This will, then, show you the ?REAL? source of the image. Most of the time, you will find out that the place you thought it was, is not really there. Some people even use images from other sites to promote their scams.

This is a very effective way of telling which ads are fake and potential scams. Another practical use for this ?reverse image search? is to find out what the name of a certain person in the picture is, or simply identifying logos and stuff.

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