Donkey Kong Just Turned 33!

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On July 9, 1981, the video game landscape has forever been changed by Nintendo when they released their arcade puzzle-platformer, Donkey Kong. It challenged players to move a little man who happened to be Mario, up a series of ladder while he try to evade the barrels that are being thrown by Donkey Kong himself to rescue his damsel in distress at the top.


Now, thirty-three years has passed, Donkey Kong and Mario are still going strong. Earlier this year, Nintendo released the extremely fun and difficult Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U, and both Mario and Donkey Kong appear in the latest Mario Kart.
There are also some news and rumors that a Mario vs. Donkey Kong is soon coming.

So, to celebrate Donkey Kong?s 33rd birthday, we listed down some things that you might not know about him.

Nintendo created Donkey Kong to break into the North America market
It took 85 years until Nintendo decided to get out of ?playing cards and dove into video games in 1975. In 1981, ?Nintendo had some success at home, but were far from being the household name the company is today in North America.
To fix this, Nintendo assigned Shigeru Miyamoto (he was a rookie designer that time) to create a certain game that would appeal to the American people. Motivated by the love triangle in Popeye, he came up with the idea for Donkey Kong.
The game quickly became a smash hit and took arcades in North America by storm.

Donkey Kong was the first game you could “jump”
This is so hard to believe, but before, video games did not feature jumping until Donkey Kong arrived. Needless to say, the ability to jump in Donkey Kong changed gaming forever. Imagine Super Mario Bros. without bouncing up and down? Fuuu! (lol)

Donkey Kong?s name is bad translation
Did you ever wonder why they called Donkey Kong ?Donkey Kong?? This is kinda hilarious. Donkey Kong?s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto thought the word ?donkey? meant ignorant in English. Also that time, the King Kong films were very popular, and the word ?Kong? became a common term for ape in Japan. Miyamoto wanted to call him ?ignorant ape? or ?stupid ape?, so he decided to put Donkey and Kong together. Nintendo?s American counterparts originally made fun at the name Miyamoto chose but it stuck and now, the rest is history.

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