Donald Trump?s Transition Team Is Full Of Holes, Both Democrats & Republicans Worry

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Donald Trump?s Transition
Donald Trump?s Transition

The presidential race has just ended but it appears the country?s problems are just beginning. For one, it’s been about a week since the big news of Trump?s presidency and the issues since then has been on the rise.

We have the KKK set to celebrate in North Carolina, protests are running rampant all over the country. And now, the soon-to-be Trump administration is already falling apart before the inauguration.

The Problems

Media outlets everywhere is?pushing out bad news on Trump?s transition into the White House. The problems? A lot.

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First of all, the process isn?t going very smoothly. The team that?s supposed to take over all the country?s biggest and most critical positions hasn?t even been finalized yet. And so many people on both the Republican and Democratic side are already raising red flags.

The only ones who are keeping an upbeat tune are Trump and his spokesperson. Trump tweeted: Very organized process taking place as I decide on Cabinet and many other positions. I am the only one who knows who the finalists are!?

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The Transition

Barack Obama has been very vocal for a smooth transition of power. But apparently the transition isn?t going very smoothly. It’s been reported that coordination between the White House staff and Trump?s team is abysmal.

Press was notified last Tuesday morning that the White House has yet to receive the memorandum of Understanding. This is important in order for talks of handing government power to commence. The document did arrive but it was quite later in the evening.

The Officials

Multiple sources are all blowing the whistle that Trump?s team is having a difficult time finding Republicans to take on critical positions in the government. Even current public officials are noticing the glacial pace in gathering people for Trump?s administration. Things seem to be in shambles right now, but we can only hope they get better come inauguration day.

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