Donald Trump?s Salary: Why He Won’t Take It & Where Will It Go?

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Donald Trump?s salary

As the world slowly accepts the unexpected result of last week?s US presidential elections, the president-elect has revealed some of his plans for the country. However, Donald Trump?s salary is arguably one of the most controversial things prior to his victory.

Furthermore, being the leader of the free world comes with a lot of perks. Firstly, the whopping $400,000 USD annual salary. In addition, it is known globally that most politicians receive more money aside from their salaries.

Furthermore, a US president will serve his country for eight years or two terms. In that case, Trump can accumulate $3,200,000. However, Donald Trump is also known for being filthy rich, thanks to the small loan of a million dollars from his father.

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Trump?s Assets

Meanwhile, Trump has numerous businesses across the globe. The president-elect owns the Trump World Tower in Midtown Manhattan, which Forbes estimated earns ?290 million in profits and unrealized appreciation? which is also going to Trump.

He also owns AXA Financial Center in 1290 Avenue of The Americas New York City, while the another branch is located at 555 California Street in San Francisco. All in all, he owns more than a dozen profitable businesses.

Donald Trump?s salary

Trump Won?t Take His Salary

While he?s forced to abide by the law and take his salary, he decided to take $1 a year. According to, Trump is the third US president in history who turned down a salary. John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover both donated their salaries to multiple charities.

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Trump stated that his salary wasn?t a big deal for him, which he said during his campaign trail in September 2015. In addition, he stated that he won?t take any long holidays either as there?s just so much to be done.

As stated above, he owns multiple businesses and establishments. Hence, Donald Trump?s salary would likely be nothing compared to his income. That being said, him taking only $1 of his salary wouldn?t affect his bank account.

On the other hand, it is still unknown where Donald Trump?s salary would go. Question is, would he really do it?

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