Donald Trump Suffers Heart Attack? Blind Psychic Hints Obama To Be The Last President

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Donald Trump Dead
Donald Trump Dead

Rumors about Donald Trump suffering from heart attack flooded the internet following the 2016 election results. The newly-elect President of the United States allegedly passed away.

The report quickly circulated on social media and has earned various reactions. Many assumed Trump was really dead because the news was made to appear as if it was real. The article even has a photo of a man who looks like Trump. It is believed that the picture was taken from the time that Trump appeared in a wrestling ring.

Donald Trump Dead?

Social media users expressed various reactions about the news. Some are shocked and saddened while others are happy. Hash tags like #RIPTrump, #TrumpRIP, and #Trump4Ever have trended. Whereas some people are tweeting that they wish the fake article was real.

Trump supporters can keep their peace in knowing that the report is not true. Trump is definitely not dead. It turned out that he was just a victim of celebrity death hoax. In fact, Trump just had a meeting with current US President Barack Obama after the fake news has spread and it seems things went smoothly between the two.

Obama To Be The Last President?

Speaking of Obama, a blind psychic forecasted that he will be the last US president. The psychic had earlier predicted that the 44th President would be African-American.

The blind psychic?s name is Baba Vanga. A report stated that she is also known as the ?Nostradamus from the Balkans.? Vanga died in 1996 aged 85.

Vanga was the same person who predicted 9/11 and the rise of Islamic State. Could her forecast about Obama being the last president be true?

Obama technically remains to be the last president until Trump takes over on January 20, 2017. Since reports about Trump being dead are not true, it is unlikely that Obama is the last president.

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