Donald Trump Rubber Masks Made By Japanese Factory in Demand; President-Elect Wants To Shut It Down?

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Donald Trump

US President-elect Donald Trump must be very mad at a Japanese factory right now. The factory is making rubber masks of him and it seems he is not so flattered. Rumor has it that he wants to shut the Japanese factory down. No official word from him or his Twitter account though.

The rubber masks of Trump appeal to several consumers. The company is reportedly struggling to keep up with the number of orders. It seems several people want to look like Trump, or they must be planning to use the mask for year-end parties.

Since the Japanese factory is receiving a flood of orders, they are reportedly working endlessly to meet the demand. The Trump rubber masks are said to be in demand after the U.S. election.

Masks Craze

Chief Director of Ogawa Rubber Inc., Takahiro Yagihara, stated that he expects the Trump mask craze in Japan to continue. It is expected that the demand will get higher as holiday parties approach.

According to reports, the factory is presently trying to produce 350 masks daily. The number is comparatively bigger compared to the 45 masks they produce per day before the election. The rubber masks of Trump can be bought for around 22 dollars.

The company that produces Trump rubber masks also makes masks of current U.S. President Barack Obama. Even masks of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as well-known Japanese and international politicians and celebrities.

Yagihara admitted that Trump?s win makes him feel complicated. Although the rubber masks make good sales, he said his presidency isn?t exactly good news for Japan. He added that he is conflicted between those two ideas.

Meanwhile, followers of the Trump mask trend are afraid that the factory that produces masks will have to close soon. It is speculated that the new US President has already started a legal action to order the shutdown of the said factory.

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