Donald Trump Presidency Helped by Russian Hackers Spamming Google Analytics? More Evidence Found? CIA Was Right?

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Donald Trump Presidency

The recently concluded U.S. elections was one of the most exciting and interesting elections in recent memory. The whole world watched as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled it out during the entire campaign. While Trump eventually won the election, it did not come without controversy. The recent rumor which has spread is that the Donald Trump presidency was helped by Russian hackers as what the evidence has revealed.

The battle between Trump and Clinton was always considered to be a very close one. As it turned out, the elections indeed came down to the closest of margins. The win by Trump though has been attributed by some to the involvement of Russian connections. This is because of reports that Russia allegedly wanted the eccentric billionaire to get elected.

The Russian Connection?

Donald Trump

According to a report from The Washington Post, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) said that Russia ?intervened? during the recently concluded presidential elections. The same report ?states that the move was done to help Trump win and not simply to undermine the U.S. political system.

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This is indeed very intriguing news considering that Trump had used the leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton camp during the campaign. The same report cites that individuals who are connected with the Russian government provided WikiLeaks thousands of hacked emails. It is worth noting that Trump used these leaked emails during his attack against Hillary during the campaign.

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What Motives Do Russia Have to Intervene?

The actual involvement of Russia cannot be pinpointed with great accuracy. It is certainly very intriguing to know their motives if indeed they are guilty of the accusation. It could be possible that the Russian government does not want Clinton to get elected. This may be because of the policies she was expected to implement had she won.

It could also be that they want Trump to win because of the very vocal and controversial positions that Trump has taken in several issues. These include the very controversial war in the Syria.

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This is definitely a very interesting story to follow. Surely there will be more details that will be revealed about it in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more about this and other controversial stories in the world of the U.S. and world politics.

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