Donald Trump: Plans On His First 100 Days of Presidency

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End Of The World 2016

There goes the US Election 2016. Citizens are now focusing their attention on something else. According to Donald Trump, he?s made a vow that he will make America great again. So what are his plans now that he won the elections?

According to Trump, with him in the White House, his supporters are going to win big. In fact, they will win so big that they will soon be sick of winning. It is customary when someone?s running for presidency that he or she sets out a vision for their first term in the office.

However, soon to be President Trump slashed the timeline of his plans from 100 days to one. He made a contract with the US citizens that would start in the very busy first day.

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Donald Trump To Barack Obama

Within that 24-hours, he said that he will erase every bit of traces of Barack Obama?s presidency. Soon to be President Donald Trump will then set the United States of America on a nativist and protectionist track.

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump To Immigrants

This is what defined Trump?s presidential campaign. Despite promising to deport all undocumented immigrants in the US, it appears that he quietly changed his mind. It makes sense given that doing so will be impractical and even impossible.

US economy experts stated that doing that would hurt the US? economy by removing too many people out of the labor market. Instead, he would now immediately start the process of deporting undocumented immigrants who have criminal records.

According to recent studies, there are less than 168,000 people who matched that description. However, Trump stated that there are over two million people. Hence, Trump?s calculation of ?criminals? are the people who?ve had minor run-ins with the law, such as speeding.

In addition, he will suspend the immigration of people from terror-prone regions where vetting can?t safely occur. In this case, Syria would certainly fall into the list. According to Trump, the US government doesn?t actually know who these refugees are.

The Wall

This may be the most iconic thing associated with Trump?s campaign. However, Donald Trump honestly admitted that it won?t happen during his first day in the oval office. But, his administration would push through legislation ?Build a wall? along the southern border of America.

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