Donald Trump Jr. To Continue ‘The Apprentice’? What We Know So Far

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Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is an American businessman as well as Donald Trump Sr.?s eldest child with?first wife Ivana Trump. At the present time, Trump Jr. is currently working alongside his sister Ivanka and brother Eric as the Executive Vice President of?The Trump Organization.

Donald Trump?s The Apprentice

People residing in the US may be well aware of the game show called The Apprentice. In this show, 16 to 18 business people compete over the course of a season. Usually, one contestant is eliminated every episode.

The grand prize of the show will land the lucky contestant with a one-year $250,000 starting contract to work in one of Donald Trump Sr.?s companies. The real estate tycoon and now the elected President of the United States, Donald Trump Sr. was the show?s host for its first fourteen seasons.

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Donald Trump Jr. Hosting The Apprentice?

In fact, Donald Trump Jr. also appeared in the game show as an adviser and judge on numerous episodes of Season 5. Rumors suggest that the upcoming 15th season of The Apprentice is going to be hosted by none other than Donald Trump Jr.

Now that Donald Trump Sr. is the president of the United States, someone needs to take his place as The Apprentice?s host. In this case, Donald Trump Jr. is more than capable of the said task, given that he?s also a successful businessman.

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However, these rumors appear to be nothing but speculation at the present time. Apparently, the upcoming 15th season of The Apprentice is said to be hosted by the former California Governor as well as actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Recently, there has been a controversy between the two richest businessmen in the world. The US Apprentice boss Donald Trump Sr. said that Lord Sugar is working for him as well as he is just a small-timer.

Furthermore, Donald Trump Jr. is likely to appear in the 15th season of The Apprentice as an advisor or a co-host, if the rumors are proven true.

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