Donald Trump Impeachment: President-Elect?s First Case on His First Day as POTUS?

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Donald Trump Impeachment

The moment President-elect Donald Trump enters the White House, his first duty could include dealing with his first paper work: an impeachment case.

Trump may face prosecution charges due to conflicts of interest. Now both businessman and politician, the trade mogul may have to limit his lavish lifestyle.

Donald Trump impeachment: Grounds to overthrow the 45th President

The noisy and bitter US 2016 elections is finally over, however, two things remain battling with each other:

  1. Running the country
  2. Running the business

Which among the two choices would win as the new President?s priority?

On Monday, George Washington University law professor Steven Schooner told MSNBC that the clash between Trump?s trade and Trump?s national responsibility may result to a Donald Trump impeachment.?

Donald Trump Impeachment

The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. is probably breaching one of the GSA (General Services Administration) contracts saying ?no elected official of the United States government can share or benefit from the lease.?

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?Trump entered into that contract,? Schooner said, hinting that this conflict is an imminent ground for impeachment.

?The unequivocal message so far from the Trump Organization is that ethics, conflicts of interest?in terms of ethical behavior just don?t matter,? he added.

According to, another law professor in Harvard urged Trump to divest from his DC hotel after it was allegedly used to entertain foreign diplomats, potentially violating the US Constitution. ?

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Trump Impeachment and the Trump International Tower

Built inside the former Post Office Pavilion, the Trump International Tower was leased from the US Federal Government in a 60-year deal amounting to a staggering $180 million.

It features:

  1. Lincoln Library
  2. A junior ballroom with 16-foot ceilings and velvet drapes
  3. A day spa named after Ivanka
  4. Richly detailed guestrooms and meeting venues overlooking Central Park and
  5. A Presidential Suite to die for, among many others.

On the other hand, Bruce Fein, the man involved in the Clinton impeachment, told Politico last April that that, ?99 percent of the [political] game depends on public opinion.?

Given that Trump?s approval rating is high, no one?at least for now?will dare to vote against him.

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