Donald Trump Dead! 45th US President Is Latest Victim Of This ‘Virus’

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Donald Trump Dead
Donald Trump Dead

Donald Trump is dead! The news of Donald Trump?s death has come as fast and shocking as the news of him having been elected president.

Mixed emotions are all over the internet over the news of the 45th president?s untimely demise. The report claims that Trump had suddenly suffered a fatal heart attack just as he was speaking with his audience.

Latest Death Hoax

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is still very much alive and well. The news of Donald Trump?s recent deadly heart attack is completely false. The report claims that Donald Trump had suffered a fatal heart attack that had led to his collapse on stage.

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The bogus report has been circling around the net for a while now and it?s convincing a lot of people. Especially since it comes along with a very realistic and dramatic photo of what appears to be Trump unconscious on stage.

So yes, it’s time to face reality and accept that he?s still alive and kicking. He?s probably still busy celebrating his victory right now.

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Trump Is Alive, So Is The Scam

Trump may be safe, but you and your loved ones may not be out of the woods yet. The news of Trump?s untimely demise is one of many internet click bait scams being created by notorious hackers.

At times, users who were fooled into clicking the outrageous news would be led to a fraudulent website requiring them to give out important personal information. Some sites trick users that their computer has a series of viruses. A series of ?tech support? pop ups would then prompt users to give out credit card details in order to pay for technical assistance for the virus.

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And if the user is very unlucky, some sites can actually send their computers viruses or malware. So yes, be wary guys.

Trump?s death hoax story is one of many that have been prevalent this year. However, his death story is one of the high risk ones for users since the creator’s plan on phishing for personal information. The more common death stories come from Facebook and only aim to mislead readers.

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