Donald Trump Dakota Access Pipeline Scandal: Where Does Next US President Stand?

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The construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline by Energy Transfers Partners is worrying the locals of Standing Rock. Their seven-month protest has ended on a bleak agreement. With the current government having little to say about the long standing protest against the pipeline; locals are even more worried president-elect Donald Trump?s next move.

While Donald Trump previously stated that he will reinstate the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline; news about his thoughts on the Dakota Access Pipeline remains quiet. Obviously, this worries the local people of Standing Rock. Alli Moran, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe said ?Right now there is a lot of concern for what is going to happen within the next few months of Obama?s presidency, and major concern about what will come when Trump does take office.?

Comments About the Dakota Access Pipeline

Moran also raised his concerns over the possible breach on Standing Rock?s sovereignty. If Donald Trump will approve the Dakota Access Pipeline, the possibility of the project putting the lives of the locals in danger is number one on the list. According to reports, Standing Rock is one of the main regions; the pipeline will hit and it will destroy recently discovered protected areas. Moran is concerned the project acquired the go signal without referring first with the locals.

In his interview, he said ?A lot of the people I?ve been talking to say one of the major concerns is what he will do to our tribal sovereignty. He very well could terminate it. We?re apprehensive about our sovereign status because Trump has threatened it before.?

But his greatest revelation came when he made a specific statement against president-elect Donald Trump, saying ?Trump targeted sovereignty in 1993 because he couldn?t open up a casino. A tribe had their casino established and it was competitive. He was very biased against Indian gaming and said they had an unfair advantage over his casinos. Apparently, he didn?t believe we should have that right. He had tribal sovereignty on the chopping block back then, and if he had that impact back then, we can only imagine what he?s planning on doing when he?s president.?

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