Donald Trump Children Has History Of Mental Illness? Tiffany Trump Suffers Depression While Barron Is Autistic?

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Donald Trump children suddenly own the spotlight following their father?s triumph in the 2016 US Elections. New reports claim that the Trump team seeks formidable security for the kids.

But aside from concerns about their security, Trump?s children?s history of mental illness is being widely talked about. Rumor has it that Barron, the youngest of them all, actually has autism.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, four of Trump?s children had frequent public appearances. It was noticeable that Barron has remained out of the spotlight.

It is speculated that the reason why Barron was not as exposed as his siblings during the campaign was because the Trump family was trying to hide something. That is supposedly the fact that the only child from Trump and Melania?s current marriage is in the autism spectrum.

According to latest reports, the 10-year-old boy may have a neuro-development disorder. Barron was reportedly seen swaying restlessly from side to side, which could be an indication that he is in the autism spectrum.

Tiffany Depressed?

Aside from Barron, Tiffany was also rumored to be suffering from mental illness. Sources claim that Trump?s daughter has been battling depression all these years.

Amid all the reports of Trump?s kids suffering with mental illness, a publication stated that Barron was nothing but a sleepy 10-year-old child. It seems it will be fair to give the little boy a break.

As for Tiffany, she seems to be doing great as she previously cheered on her mom, Marla Maples, during season 22 of Dancing With the Stars. Apparently, she has a special bond with her mom. She is also very active in showing support for her dad, particularly during the campaigns although she is not involved with the Trump Organization.

Barron is not uninvolved with the Trump Organization either, which makes sense given his age. Tiffany is 22-years-old and just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

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