Donald Trump Born In Pakistan? Nostradamus And The Antichrist Prophecy Is About Him?

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Donald Trump just won the U.S. Presidential Election. But different rumors are already surrounding him. One of the most recent ones states that the president-elect was born in Pakistan and will be the third anti-Christ to rule the world.

Prior to the election day last November 8, a Pakistani news channel, Neo News, airead a news claiming that Trump did not originally come from the United States. The news portal also stated that he was a native of Pakistan before being adopted and taken away. The news agency?even posted a photo showing a blonde kid claiming it was the businessman.

Furthermore, the theory of the news channel mentioned that Trump was born in Dawood Ibrahim Khan, Waziristan in 1946. His parents died in a car accident which led a British-Indian army captain to adopt him.

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Then, the his parents took Trump to London before finally going to America in 1955. Now, ?the businessman?s supporters vastly criticized this theory of the Pakistani news channel. The report was not even verified as correct, but still, it worries some of the Americans.

Meanwhile, predictions of the prophet Nostradamus also surfaced online sparking another theory. Rumors mentioned that Donald Trump is the one being referred as the ?shameless figure? that will become the ?governor of the army.?

?With bold intentions, bridges will be destroyed and fear will settle on cities,? added the prediction. This is interpreted as Trump cutting ties with a lot of countries as a result of him being a racist. Although he has not done anything yet, his campaign was a clear indication that he is a sexist, a racist, a xenophobic and an Islamophobic.

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Through these characteristics of Trump, there are speculations that he is as well the next anti-Christ leader that will exist. Nostradamus predicted centuries ago that there will be a third anti-Christ and he will instigate an apocalyptic phenomenon.

A lot of citizens also consider?Trump’s campaign as insanity, especially his anti-immigrant sentiments. If he would continue to exhibit these traits, then people would consider him?as an anti-Christ and Trump will join Napoleon and Adolf Hitler on the madman list.

How about you? Do you believe that Donald Trump was born in Pakistan? Is he going to be the third anti-Christ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Trump will have his inaugural ceremony on January 20, 2017.

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