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Dolphin Browser For Android Makes You Surf The Internet Easily

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There are quite a number of mobile browsers available online that are free to download. However, there is one browser that caught the attention of mobile phone users and it?s the Dolphin browser. What makes this a sure hit to millions of users worldwide is that it makes surfing the Internet a whole lot easier.

To give everyone a better understanding of what this browser has to offer, let?s take a closer look at its features and what each of them does.

The following are the features of Dolphin browser:

Gesture ? makes you navigate any website with a single swipe

Sonar ? makes you search, navigate and share through shaking your mobile phone and instructing it what to do

Share ? with only a single tap you can share a web page via Twitter, Facebook or through Email

Save ? makes you save a webpage to a Box or Evernote

Dolphin Connect ? enables you to sync in all bookmarks, passwords, tabs, and history

Home Screen ? it gives you access to your favorites sites and apps with just a tap

Web App Store ? makes you shop for web apps easily

Add-ons ? it enables you to install add-ons on Android? with the use of your fingertip

Jetpack -? gives off boost to your browsing experience

Flash Support ? makes it easy to open Flash content

Search Suggestions ? searching on the Internet is a lot faster

Tabbed Browsing ? multi-tasking is made easy

User Agent ? making a switch mobile view or desktop view is done through this agent

Beautiful UI ? browsing the Internet is more simplified

Browsing Preferences ? browsing experience is customized

Control Panel ? manages downloads, bookmarks, themes through a centralized system

Dolphin browser is free to download and you can get all the features mentioned. This browser is available on iPad, iPhone and Android.

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