Dolly Parton Health News: Why Is Singer Losing So Much Weight?

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Fans of country singer Dolly Parton have been worried about her health for quite some time now. For years, there are rumors that the artist is suffering from a serious illness. But the questions is, how is she doing right now?

Health issues about Parton started when everyone notices she lost a lot of weight. As a result, there are speculations that she is experiencing health problems. There were even confirmed reports that she is struggling to anything other than soft food, which could be an indication of esophageal cancer.

?She researched her condition and knew that, without treatment, developing cancer was a real possibility,? a source told National Enquirer. ?Dolly always projects an upbeat, positive image, but underneath that she was terrified,? the informant added.

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Now, because Dolly Parton is worried about her health, she decided to undergo preventive surgery. The operation took place in July intended to eliminate the risk of developing cancer in the future. The surgery involved the implantation of an innovative device into her esophagus that will help food to pass from the mouth into the stomach.

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Meanwhile, Parton recently talked about her diet especially now that she is touring around. She mentioned that over the years, she has tried a lot of diets. But, the artist learned that high-protein and low carbs are really working well for her, so she is keeping that diet.

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Parton also added how she is keeping herself healthy. She said, ?I just try to take care of myself. I don?t party after shows. I?ll read a book instead. I just try to keep my mind on my business.?

These statements from Dolly Parton clearly indicates that her health is very well right now. Also, it somehow suggests that the artist has no plan of retiring any time soon. But, there are still rumors that she is just hiding her real condition.

Do you think Parton is really sick? Or, is she really fine and there is nothing to worry about? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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