Does BD And HD-DVD Have Another Competitor?

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So, I’ve been reading different forums and media, and it’s no surprise that the ongoing high-definition format war is at an all time high. With different studios and companies backing HD-DVD and BD, it can be an overwhelming choice for the consumer to decide which medium to go with for their hi-definition needs.

Now, although the prices of HD-DVD players and Blue-Disc players are slowly beginning to drop, hi-definition viewing is still a pricey endeavor. HD films are generally more expensive, and of course you’re going to need the prerequsiuite equipment (i.e. HD T.V.) to begin with. Again, no surprise. So where the hell am I going with this?

If you’re like me (a fence sitter), you’re not planning on taking a side just yet. Personally, I don’t find it wise to invest in a format that has such an indecisive future, for fear of it becoming obsolete within the next few years. I just don’t have the capitol to make that risk right now, and if I did, I’d be playing the market instead.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. There are two clear, definitive HD mediums: Blu-Disc and HD-DVD. But there’s a third contender that’s been subtly been in the “format war” for a little while now, and while not a direct competitor to BD and HD-DVD, it certainly gives uncertain customers an excellent outlet for their high-definition needs. That outlet is high-def movie downloads and rentals, and it’s gaining more and more steam as time passes. With Apple’s addition of HD movies to iTunes, as well as the software update to AppleTV, that’s one more method to view HD movies. Of course, the Xbox 360 and PS3 also offer HD movies for rental, and more and more online movie download sites are offering HD movies. The best part about it is that downloading HD movies is cheaper than purchasing their hard-copy counterparts!

The beauty of this is that people who don’t want to commit to a certain “side” as of yet can still get their HD movie needs fulfilled without investing a large amount of money into expensive equipment and movies. Hopefully more and more companies will offer HD downloads and rentals to allow a wide variety of customers to enjoy high-definition viewing.



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