Does Apple Have What It Takes To “Wow!” At This Year’s Macworld?

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2007 was a stellar year for Apple. It’s stock rose about 130%, sales have never been higher, and popular opinion of Apple is at an all-time high. More and more people are buying into this “hype”, and loving it. The functionality, the hip, chic design, ease of use; all of these are reasons people purchase Apple products.

However, a great deal of Apple’s success relies heavily on the iPod and iPhone lines. While the MacBook and iMac series are hard hitters, for sure, a great deal of Apple’s sales have been lopsided by music players and smartphones. While not necessarily a bad thing, but at last year’s Macworld where the world held it’s breath for the iPhone, one can only wonder what Apple can do to match that excitement this week when Macworld kicks off.

A new product isn’t expected, but rather, upgrades to previous designs will most likely be revealed. Most iNuts are hoping for a 3G enabled iPhone (which has already been confirmed for release this year), as it’s well known that the current model’s EDGE network is subpar at best. But, it’s safe to say that some kind of upgrade to the iPhone line is expected, whether it be a new network card, larger storage capacity, or slimmer design.

Other specuations point at an even slimmer, flash-memory based MacBook, as well as updates to the other Mac devices. One of the juiciest rumors, however, is that Apple might be taking stock with the Blu-Ray format for it’s HD devices. Considering that Steve Jobs owns a large amount of stock in Walt Disney – which has stated it’s exclusive suport in the Blu-Ray format – it’s not a far off summation that Apple might go Blu-Ray.



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