Doctors Korean Drama Spoilers: How Will The Park Shin Hye – Kim Rae Won Series End?

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Doctors Korean drama will have its finale next week after a successful run. Fans of the Park Shin Hye ? Kim Rae Won series have already began formulating spoilers on how it will end.

The medical-themed drama is centered on the story of rebel-turned-doctor Yoo Hye Jeong [Park Shin Hye]. Her hospital-based love story with professor-turned-boyfriend Hong Ji Hong [Kim Rae Won] has been widely followed since it premiered in June.

However, the most recent episodes of Doctors have been more about Yoo Hye Jeong?s personal life. Just recently, she discovered that a negligent doctor caused her grandmother?s death 13 years ago.

President Jin Myung Hoon did not apologize for the medical malpractice incident, thus provoking the reformed bad girl. Knowing Yoo Hye Jeong, the strong-willed lead character is expected to not stop until justice is served.

Movie News Guide has reported spoilers on how Doctors Korean drama will play out Yoo Hye Jeong?s dilemma. Two main possibilities are expected to unfold when the series ends next week. ?


Early episodes of Doctors Korean drama showed that Park Shin Hye?s character was a big warfreak when she was young. Yoo Hye Jung strongly believes that she can only resolve her past by getting back at those who wronged her. Even though she has already matured as a professional doctor, some have predicted that she will fight physically again. However, she will supposedly do this against the will of Hong Ji Hong. This could mean that their romantic relationship will be affected by her plans to take revenge.

Another possibility is for Hong Ji Hong to be the one to expose President Jin Myung Hoon. Before his father died, he was able to gather evidence about the big boss? crimes. With the evidence still around, Hong Ji Hong might plot something to reveal the entire truth. If this happens, it means that Kim Rae Won?s character is sincerely in love with Yoo Hye Jung.

Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won have been widely commended for their undeniable chemistry in Doctors Korean drama. The two recently sent fans swooning because of a sexy make-out sequence, which Kim Rae Won detailed in a recent interview.

The SBS k-drama has become such a hit that fans are even requesting for a second season.

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