Doctors Korean Drama Spoilers: Behind-The-Scenes Photos Show Chemistry Between Lead Cast

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Doctors Korean drama

Doctors Korean drama has been making viewers gush since it premiered last month. Now, behind-the-scenes photos that were released show the real chemistry between its lead cast members. ?

The medical-themed series follows the romance between rebel turned aspiring doctor Yoo Hye Jeong and her mentor, Hong Ji Hong. The characters are played by ?The Heirs? actress Park Shin Hye and award-winning ?Punch? actor Kim Rae Won.

Initial reviews have pointed out the two?s undeniable chemistry on screen. Now, their closeness is proven with the recent release of behind the scenes photos from Doctors Korean drama?s set. ?

The images shared by Soompi were from the July 18 episode, where Hong Ji Hong brings Yoo Hye Jeong to the place where he used to go fishing with his father.

The intense look in Kim Rae Won?s eyes as he gazed into Park Shin Hye made fans swoon over his photos from Doctors Korean drama. ?

?He must love her a lot to look like that,? one commenter wrote. ?I wish someone would look at me like that,? another fan sighed.

Many believe that the attraction between its lead stars has contributed to the early success of the show. Ratings have been increasing every week, with the most recent official report showing that over 19 percent of TV viewers prefer to watch Doctors over other Korean dramas.

The hospital-based series sits on the top spot among competing TV shows like MBC?s ?Monster? and KBS 2TV?s ?Beautiful Mind.?


Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye’s love team has been well received by viewers.

Even the team behind Doctors got surprised with the show?s success. Park Shin Hye?s reps from S.A.L.T. Entertainment recently admitted that they were unsure if ?Doctors? would be a hit like the 26-year-old actress? past projects.

In relation to this, Director Oh Chung Hwan also revealed that he had doubts about the Korean drama?s cast, specifically Doctors? male lead, Kim Rae Won. This is because of the 35-year-old actor has always been cast in serious, sometimes even gritty roles. Luckily for the director, Kim Rae Won?s portrayal of a serious doctor worked well with the viewers.

Do you think that other Korean dramas can still overtake Doctors? Or will Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won?s chemistry keep viewers glued? Let us know in the comments below!


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