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Doctors’ Korean Drama: Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won TV’s New Romantic Couple

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Doctors? Korean drama show is a mix of many things. It is a medical drama that has the requisite romance and some comedy on the side. Arguably, this is quite enough to make it a popular show in South Korea and among followers of Korean media worldwide. But, what makes it more popular and enjoyable among viewers is the chemistry of Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. They seem to be Korean TV?s new romantic couple.

Doctors is about a girl named Yoo Hye Jeong, played by Shin Hye, who had a rough childhood. Because of many emotional scars, Hye Jeong keeps everything mostly to herself. This though was bound to change when she met her mentor Hong Ji Hong, played by Kim Rae Won. Ji Hong played a role in transforming her–from a ?delinquent? to someone who has a direction in life. She and mentor Ji Hong parted ways but met again more than decade later as doctors in a hospital. As one can tell, this is where they fell in love.

Doesn?t the plot sound interesting? Well, Korea thought so as SBS?s Doctors premiered with a 12.9 percent viewership as reported by Korea Times. The first episode of Doctors was three times more than its rival?s ratings–KBS?s medical thriller Beautiful Mind.

In the aftermath of the Descendents Of The Sun, reports were out that the Song-Song couple are not coming back to take the lead roles in Season 2. As big as they are, they?d leave a gaping hole in the Korean TV romance continuum if they should decide not to reprise their role. But Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won in Doctors may just appease the fans as they seem pretty romantic as a couple can get.

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