Doctors Korean Drama: Know More About Lead Stars Kim Rae Won And Park Shin Hye

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Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye’s love team has been well received by viewers.

New Korean drama Doctors has been receiving good reviews and ratings since it aired last June. Aside from the SBS show?s hospital-setting love story, the chemistry between lead stars Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye has definitely contributed to its success.

The two play new doctor Yoo Hye Jeong and mentor Hong Ji Hong in this medical-themed series. With initial reports dubbing Doctors as the next ?Descendants of the Sun,? we have rounded up interesting facts about k-drama?s newest love team.

Kim Rae Won considered becoming a doctor in real life

The actor comes from a family of doctors. Because of this, he previously thought about exploring the field of medicine.


Kim Rae Won as Hong Ji Hong in ‘Doctors’

Kim Rae Won admitted that if he had not entered show business, he probably would have followed in the footsteps of his family members who are now medical professionals.

The show?s directors had hesitations about the lead actor

Doctors director Oh Chung Hwan admitted that he was initially unsure if Kim Rae Won would be able to play Hong Ji Hong well. This is because of how the actor?s older projects usually portrayed him as a ?strong? character.

An example is his award-winning role in the 2015 legal thriller ?Punch,? where he played a prosecutor with a terminal illness who ran after corrupt officials.

Even though Kim Rae Won has been associated with his gritty character in ?Punch,? he proved to be versatile enough to pull off the role of a serious medical mentor for Doctors.

Park Shin Hye is a fan of Kim Rae Won

Being cast as the love interest of Kim Rae Won is a dream come true for Park Shin Hye, who admitted that she has always been a fan of the popular Korean actor.


Park Shin Hye plays Yoo Hye Joong in ‘Doctors’

In spite of the big gap in their ages, the actress said that her leading man is very easy to work with because of his ?kind and caring? nature on the set of Doctors Korean drama.

Stairway to Heaven part two?

Park Shin Hye rose to fame for her role in the 2003 Korean drama Stairway to Heaven. She played the younger version of character Han Jung-suh in the hit series.

Doctors has reunited her with a Stairway to Heaven co-star, as new character Pi Yeong Gook was the younger Song Ju in ?Stairway to Heaven.?

The actress even joked about their reunion on Instagram.

No stunt doubles

As pretty as she looks, Park Shin Hye reportedly does not use a body double to do her stunts in Doctors. This was revealed when new stills from the series showed her and Kim Rae Won practicing for a boxing match scene. The images reportedly showed that Park Shin Hye showed no signs of exhaustion.


Cast of Doctors

Doctors? growing popularity is evident in its reported ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the show premiered with 12.9 percent viewership, then increased to 14.2 percent on its second day. Its ratings went up to 18.4 percent around a week later, putting it ahead of its competing TV shows.

If the high ratings of Doctors will continue to increase based on its current pace, some believe that it could even overcome the success of the wartime drama Descendants of the Sun. The globally popular KBS series garnered 38.8 percent rating for its April 2016 finale, and is rumored to come out with a second season in 2017.

Will Doctors be the Korean Drama to beat this 2016? Will it surpass ?Descendants of the Sun?? Let us know in your comments below!


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