Doctors Korean Drama: Additional Cast Member Revealed As New SBS Series Enjoys High Ratings

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Doctors Korean drama will have an additional cast member. The character will be revealed soon as the new SBS series continues to garner high ratings.

The medical-themed love story premiered last June amid high expectations. It stars Park Shin Hye as aspiring doctor Yoo Hye Jung. Her leading man is Kim Rae Won, who plays her mentor, Hong Ji Hong.

Following its successful first month, Doctors Korean drama?s cast will ramp up its star power with the surprise introduction of a new character.

According to Soompi, Han Bo Bae has been chosen to play the role of Yoo Yoo Na. She will be the half-sister of Park Shin Hye.

The strong personality and leadership skills of Han Bo Bae?s character is expected to reveal a hidden past with her mother.

There is still no confirmation regarding when Yoo Yoo Na will be introduced in the SBS series. However, the team behind Doctors Korean drama have praised the 22-year-old for her acting prowess.

Han Bo Bae is best known for playing Ahh Ji Min in 2008’s “The Last Scandal of My Life.? She also portrayed the young Song In Ok in 2008’s “My Pitiful Sister.”


Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

Her inclusion is expected to add to Doctors Korean drama?s ratings. According to data released by Nielsen Korea, the show has been performing well just weeks into its run. Its premiere episode gathered a record 12.9 percent rating, which increased to 14.2 percent on its second day.

Ratings surged to 18.4 percent a week later, putting it on the top spot among competing TV shows in MBC and KBS. The show?s viewership trend has led some to predict that it could surpass the success of another hit show, Descendants of the Sun, which reached a phenomenal 38.8 percent rating on its April finale. The wartime drama will be back for a second season in 2017.


‘Doctors’ (left) is being dubbed as the new ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (right)

The early success of Doctors came as a surprise to several people from the team.

The agency of Park Shin Hye admitted that they had hesitations if Doctors would be as well-received as the actress? previous projects, which include The Heirs in 2013 and Pinocchio in 2014. Park Shin Hye was also part of the phenomenal 2003 TV drama Stairway To Heaven.

Even the show?s director had doubts about the show. Oh Chung Hwan said that Kim Rae Won had always played strong characters in his past projects, such as his award-winning role in the 2015 legal thriller ?Punch.? This made him unsure if he could portray the role of a serious medical mentor.

Luckily for the team, Doctors Korean drama still ended up well, with k-drama fans looking forward to its episodes every week.


Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye’s love team has been well received by viewers.

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