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?Doctors? Episode 20 Finale Spoilers: Director Jin gets Life Threatening Surgery from Hye-jung, Ji-hong

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The K-Drama success, Doctors has finally reached its grand finale. It will come to a close with episode 20. The show?s featured back to back episode which aired last Monday focused on the Ji-Hong and Hye-jung. The two have been fan?s favorite couple.

The special back to back episode showed a deeper dimension to the couple?s lives. The audience got to see their personal and professional lives in a interesting perspective.

It could be seen that the unsettling hatred between Hye-jung and Chief Jin continue to grow.

Doctor?s finale will have fans on the edge of their seats. Hye-jung and Chief Jin will be put in a harrowing situation. Finale episode is still in the dark but the network has already begun to tease fans.

The network released a promo with regards to Gookil in the hospital.The finales? episode will start with Hye-jung talking about having a family someday. Hye-jung says: “I have started to wanting to have a family,”She is then seen sited beside her dad. She gives her dad some thoughtful advice with regards to staying healthy and living well. Her dad on the other hand if overjoyed to have her back in his life.




We then get cut to Yoon-do and See-woo staring at Pi Young-gook. Someone speaks in the promo: “What are your feelings toward See-woo?” Then Young-Gook tells See-woo that: “Be good to her. In order to protect that love, you have to first,” The two of them have an emotional moment in the scene.

Finally, Director Jin is brought to the hospital. Director Jin?s health appears to have deteriorated badly. So bad that he needs surgery. While crying, Director Jin begs his father to save him, saying: “I don’t want to die, father,”.

In a shocking turn of events, it is then revealed that both Ji-hong and Hye-jung will be performing Director Jin?s surgery. Doctors fans will have to tune in to find out the fate of our beloved characters.

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