Doctor Who Season 10 Spoilers: Peter Jackson To Direct? Hints Given For Exciting New Season

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In an effort to give ?Doctor Who? fans something to look forward to, ?Lord of the Rings? and ?Hobbit? director Peter Jackson finds the silliest way possible to announce his possible involvement in the next season of the hit TV series. Peter Jack directing Doctor Who, this could be one of the most awaited events since the series was made and such a tandem could take ?Doctor Who? to a whole other level, provided that Jackson officially announces his participation in the series, not an awry video with polished Oscars and the Doctor.

Watch the full video below:

In a video titled as ?Home Invasion? first posted in his Facebook page, Peter Jackson is seen polishing his countless Oscar awards while his daughter reads his numerous emails from ?Doctor Who? Showrunner Steven Moffat begging him to direct an episode.

The father and daughter are not convinced on the plea by Moffat and are suddenly visited by the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) himself. He delivers the official contract, in character, while Jackson explains to his daughter the types of crazy fans who are willing to do anything to get him to join the show.

Daleks and Peter Jackson

While Jackson was looking at the contract, a Dalek appeared in his living room and forced the Doctor to flee and leave the papers. This would sound a bit ridiculous and only going on speculations, but the appearance of a Dalek in his house may hint at an episode where Jackson will focus on the Doctor?s greatest enemies, if he really directs the show.

Although it?s worth noting that BBC has still not yet officially confirmed that Peter Jackson will join ?Doctor Who,? so be sure to check in and find out when Jackson will announce his intentions.

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Source: Wired,?Sydney Morning Herald

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