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Doctor Who 2017 News: What You Need to Know About the Show’s Season 10 Premiere

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Doctor Who Season 10 Premiere

Doctor Who is a timeless television classic. Since its early days, the show has been able to tackle the convoluted aspects of time travel. While the logics are not far from flawless, the show still retains a large number of followers. Now on its tenth season, the show is about to start with a blast. Here are the things that you have to know about the show’s season 10 premiere.

First off, after a somewhat long break, the show will finally air this Saturday, at 9pm/8pm Central on BBC America. What is more, it will then be preceded by two most recent Christmas specials from 2015 and 2016, The Husbands of River Song and The Return of Doctor Mysterio, respectively.

Perhaps many would know by now that Peter Capaldi, the Doctor himself, has already announced that he intends to leave the show. This sparked rumours on who will be the show’s next protagonist. Many believe that it is high time that the new Time Lord be a female character. However, the executives at BBC think otherwise. In fact, there are talks that the producers are eyeing David Tenant to reprise his role as the famous Time Lord.

Doctor Who Season 10 Premiere

Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi (via

As mentioned the first episode of the current season will air this Saturday. The Doctor will have a new companion this time and another sidekick to boot. Pearl Mackie will play the geeky companion, Bill Potts, while Little Britain star Matt Lucas will reprise his role as Nardole.

The first episode titled The Pilot will focus on the first encounter between the Doctor and Potts. In this episode, viewers will come to know Potts’ origin and how the two met.

The role as the Doctor’s companion is one that is closely watched by a lot of Doctor Who fans. In fact, Whovians, as they are called, are quite particular with how the show works and all the details that surround it. This is why during Mackie’s previous interview, she received quite a beating from a number of Doctor Who fans. For more updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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