Doctor Who Season 10 Companion, Spoilers, & Plot Details

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Doctor Who Season 10
Doctor Who Season 10

Doctor Who has had a great run through the years. It has rightfully made itself as one of the most iconic TV-series this decade.

Nine seasons in and the show still manages to captivate both new and old audiences alike. So much so that so many are already searching spoilers for its upcoming season 10.

If you?re a hardcore Doctor Who fan who is in need of the latest season 10 spoiler, look no further, we have all the latest details below! Spoilers up ahead, turn back now or forever hold your peace.

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New Companion

Doctor Who is set to get a new ?sidekick? in Season 10. The sidekick? Bill will be joining the Doctor in his crazy exploits. It?ll be interesting to see the new dynamic Bill will bring with The Doctor in the TARDIS from now on. Let?s see if they get along as the trouble inevitably comes.

Another new bit of info leaked out recently came from Parent Herald. They reported more on Bill?s personality. ?They described Bill as a smart person who is also pretty sharp as well. However this wasn?t such a positive description because it?s been pointed out that Bill?s wits will actually get them in trouble.

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Although there?s barely any info out on season 10?s plot, there are some very prevalent theories already making rounds on the internet. One speculation points out that the upcoming season?s plot will tie in closely with Bill?s coming.

So Bill might not just be another new quirky character on the show. She might prove to be more important as the season progresses.

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Matt Lucas Nardole Is Back!

We have series? newcomer Matt Lucas? Nardole who?s set to finally be a regular character in season 10. There?s no official word out in him becoming a companion, but we can always hope.

He?s been regularized. That?s a great start. And fans already can?t wait to see more of him.

Michelle Gomez

Finally, another face that?s set to come out in season 10 is Michelle Gomez. Its looks like this villain is set to come back for season 10. We can only see what mischief she?s up to.

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