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Doctor Who s09e01: Awesome Episode 1 Hints Of Explosive Season Ahead, Doc And Clara?s Relationship Now Stronger Than Ever?

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The first episode of Doctor Who season 9 just came out and it was awesome. One of the longest running TV show debuted last night in the UK, with Peter Capaldi returning for his second season as the lead role. ?The Magician?s Apprentice,? title of the first episode of season 9, had been greeted by fans with a warm heart but only came in with just 4.58M viewers, compared to the previous season?s premier episode with more than 2M, which was Capaldi?s debut season, according to Deadline.

Peter Capaldi, along with Jenna Coleman, was able to talk with Entertainment Weekly to reveal to us their experience travelling around the universe for another round. ?Jenna?s fabulous. I always like when we get back to the TARDIS and it?s just us. We have huge adventures where gigantic things have happened, but personally I?m always most pleased when we are doing our stuff in the TARDIS,? Capaldi shared in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Jenna Coleman on the other hand had an interesting view of the partners. ?They?ve become adrenaline junkies. Especially Clara, she doesn?t fear her own mortality in the same way anymore, so with that reckless abandon comes quite a lot of danger. Especially when you have two similar minds without the person to say, ?You guys???

Entertainment Weekly also asked Capaldi what season 9 will look like for both Clara and the Doctor. ?I think they?re very bonded. The Doctor?s quite a tricky part to play because, if you go back to Chris Eccleston?s first episode, he says that he could see all that ever was and all that ever is and all that ever will be and that drove him mad.?

Capaldi added, ?I took that to mean that he could see the future and the past, so he knows the fate of his companions, and that?s quite a difficult knowledge to have. So this season especially, he?s decided to enjoy what good times are available to him. You only live once, even if you?re 2,500 years old. So grab it and embrace it and hold it tight, because it?s dark outside.?

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