Doctor Strange Movie Update: New Film Ties Connection With Avengers Through Scarlet Witch?

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More updates are popping out for the Doctor Strange movie as there could be a big connection between the Sorcerer Supreme and the Avengers.

The latest info that we managed to gather is that Hannibal series star Mads Mikkelsen will be one of the villains in the film aside from Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Baron Mordo character. According to a post from Entertainment site Variety Mikkelsen is already in the talks with Marvel for a potential second villain in the film, however no offer has been made for Mikkelsen as Marvel is still mum over the talks. Some site speculate that Mikkelsen might be playing as Dormammu if Marvel pushes through in getting him.

Another new update is that Rachel McAdams is confirmed to be a part of the cast in Doctor Strange as the female lead, it is still unsure on which particular lead McAdams will be playing as, though some are speculating that it could Strange?s love interest Clea, though no confirmation from Marvel for the said role.

And some progress on the film?s plot where the Scarlet Witch might have a connection to the Doctor Strange film, but not in regards to plot. As she possess mystical abilities such as telekinesis, psionic energy, telepathy and even mental manipulation, creating special effects and choreography required the Marvel team to hire a dancer that will allow them in create a new kind of combat style for the Scarlet Witch. Since both Strange and Scarlet Witch have similar abilities, Marvel is preparing new tricks to visualize the special effects for the mystical abilities of the Sorcerer Supreme, though one unique trait for Doctor Strange is astral projection where he can leave his physical form and travel in the astral realm, this is a challenge for them in making is presentation in the film.

Doctor Strange will star Benedict Cumberbatch and is directed by Scott Derrickson, it will be in theaters on November 4, 2016

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