Doctor Who 10 Spoilers: A Choice Between Finding the Next Perfect Companion or Traveling Solo?

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The latest news about Doctor Who Season 10 revolves mainly on the next perfect companion. Casting this important role seems to be difficult. Or perhaps, a twist is about to happen. Perhaps he will travel solo for a change.

Is the role of Doctor Who?s companion hard to fill? It is quite obvious that there will be new casting for this long time running sci-fi TV series. It appears that Jenna Coleman, who played Clara Oswald was wearing big shoes after all. It just seems that the shoe didn?t fit anyone. There had been so many names that have been rumored to take on the role of the companion like Maisie Williams and Rakhee Thakrar.

Inquisitr reports that Doctor Who will start filming this coming May 2016. But the search for the companion of the travelling scientist is hard. Maybe it is time for him to travel alone, and it might be that the showrunners have been planning this all along. According to the report, ?Some have suggested that maybe why casting has not scheduled any auditions yet for young companions. Of course, a companion is almost certain to be added at some point, but it could be several episodes away.?

It is also rumored that having a new companion may also mean changing ?the overall tone of the plot? in Doctor Who Season 10. Well, change is inevitable. If this is probably all true, it is still a good thing. Audience may also expect that previous actors who had once been part of the show might return.

On a different note, Gizmodo reports that Peter Capaldi has been criticizing his own broadcasting network. The report says that Capaldi has ?lashed out at the BBC for not caring about Doctor Who enough?not in terms of its content, or promotion… but when the show airs in the UK.? The actor had expressed his frustration during his interview in Newsweek. He?s not happy about the new time slot, which comes at a later time. Doctor Who is still regarded as a family show in the UK. It is said that the primary audience are the younger children, who are probably already tucked away in bed at 8 pm.

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