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Do you need gadget screen eye protection?

Take better care of your eyes!

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  • Ophthalmologist-approved and scientifically-proven gadget screen eye protectors
  • Reduce excessive screen time
  • Prevent eye strain and other eye problems
  • Block harmful blue light
  • Improve sleeping habits and gadget usage
  • Guaranteed protection for gadget screens

Whether during your free time or at work, you probably spend long hours scrolling through your phone or in front of your laptop every day. As we thrive in the digital age, it is inevitable for us to get more exposed to gadgets. Unfortunately, this could be harmful to your eyes.

Too much screen time negatively affects your behavior, mental development, sleeping routine, and overall well-being, particularly your eyes. The common warning sign of excessive and unhealthy screen time can be noticed when your eyes start to get itchy, dry, or watery. This could even lead to eye strain and blurred vision. 

The longer the screen time, the riskier for your eyes. With technology playing a big part in our lives, though socializing, buying goods, paying bills, and communicating at work or in class— it can be difficult to avoid.

The best thing you can do is protect your eyes from its harmful effects. One of the effective ways to prevent eye problems is to use gadget screen eye protectors. Here are some great options to consider:


Getting exposed to blue light during the day results in eye strain, fatigue, and headache. Meanwhile, at night, it blocks melatonin, which can ruin your body clock.

Protect your eyes, screen, and sleep with this gadget screen eye protector created by eye-care experts and sleep therapists. Ocushield provides medically rated screen protectors that block the harmful blue light present in most digital devices.

With Ocushield, your eyes will be at ease after long hours sitting in front of the laptop or staring at your phone. It also limits your screen time at night, preventing you from staying up late and, in turn, improving your sleep!

Aside from your eyes, Ocushield protects your gadget screens, too. It is a tough tempered glass that is five times stronger than traditional screen protectors available in the market. You can even choose from different sizes of gadget screen eye protectors, depending on the gadgets you need them for!


Practice a healthy digital lifestyle with EyeJust! This scientifically-proven gadget screen eye protector prevents eye problems and improves sleep despite the number of hours you might spend on your gadgets.

The EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector blocks more blue light and bacteria. It also maintains brightness and colors, providing crystal clear clarity on the screen despite its thick tempered glass, which has five times the strength of other screen protectors.

EyeJust is an advanced and ophthalmologist-approved gadget screen eye protector that is scratch-proof and smudge-proof. It protects the eyes, skin, and gadgetsallowing you to stay protected while staying connected!

No need to worry about eye strain and lack of sleep due to excessive screen time anymore. Just make sure that all of the gadgets you frequently use are protected with EyeJust! There are specific sizes available for different gadgets, as well.