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DMC: Beginner-Friendly Cross Stitch Kits

Get everything you need in one place so you can start stitching right away.

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DMC cross stitch kits for beginners:

  • Cat Cross Stitch Kit
  • Cactus Cross Stitch Kit
  • Succulent Cross Stitch Kit
  • Floral Spring Cross Stitch Kit
  • Hello Baby Cross Stitch Kit
  • Unicorn Cross Stitch Kit
  • Heart Cross Stitch Kit
  • Carmen Cross Stitch Kit

Looking for a relaxing activity that you can do in your free time? Cross stitch can help you destress from your fast-paced everyday life and refocus your mind. It is comprised of X-shaped stitches done on fabric, and the repetitiveness of the activity gives you the opportunity to take a pause from all the buzz and breathe a little to indulge in the present moment.

This therapeutic hobby, which has been around for ages, is one of the easiest forms of hand embroidery to learn so you can start at any point in time and easily jump right back where you left off. It’s no wonder why our moms and grandmothers love it, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t love it, too!

Photo: DMC

If you’re already thinking about trying this type needlework for the first time but have no idea where to begin, these beginner-friendly kits from DMC are here to help! DMC is one of the leading sources of the best embroidery threads, tools, and kits so anyone can create wonderful works of art.

Photo: DMC

Even first-timers will be able to join the club right away thanks to their cross stitch kits which each include an Aida cloth, a bamboo hoop, a tapestry needle, DMC embroidery floss, and the complete instructions–basically, everything you need! The only thing left to do is to pick a design, and here are some of our favorite options:

Cat Cross Stitch Kit

Photo: DMC

Cat lovers will love sewing this fluffy floral feline. Its colorful design makes it fun to stitch and extremely fulfilling to finish!

Cactus Cross Stitch Kit

Photo: DMC

This cactus design can warm up any room and give it a more inviting vibe. Of course, these kits also make beautiful decors aside from being a therapeutic activity.

Succulent Cross Stitch Kit

Photo: DMC

Whether you have a green thumb or not, this decorative pattern will keep your hands busy. It is a great way to add “life” to any room.

Floral Spring Cross Stitch Kit

Photo: DMC

If you want to add some color to a room, opt for this floral pattern. You may also give this as a thoughtful gift to a loved one – a pretty little something to remember you by.

Hello Baby Cross Stitch Kit

Photo: DMC

This kit won’t just keep expecting moms calm while waiting for their due date; it’ll also let them add a personal touch to their child’s nursery. Plus, its whimsical hot air balloon design is simply adorable.

Unicorn Cross Stitch Kit

Photo: DMC

Featuring a joyous unicorn, this design will look cute in any child’s bedroom. By the way, these kits aren’t just great activities for yourself. They’d also make wonderful presents for your loved ones. Do you know anyone who loves unicorns?

Heart Cross Stitch Kit

Photo: DMC

For your significant other, this pattern will make their heart skip a beat. Let them know that you are thinking about them and that your heart belongs to them by giving it as a gift.

Carmen Cross Stitch Kit

Photo: DMC

One of DMC’s bestsellers, this design is a heartwarming decor for any home. It features a calm, collected, and lovely image of a lady–just like any strong woman in your life.

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